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Ad-II Engineering Inc. 台灣微轉股份有限公司

Derailleur gear units

Today is 06,Jun,2020
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microSHIFT was founded in 1999 by a team as the founders of the company, the members of the team came from different parts makers with the experience in bike industry for more than 20 years.
The latest bike industry in Taiwan started from 1960's and there were a lot of top level world-wide components supplied from Taiwan in 1990's, it's a pity that derailleur is not on the list. Our experience in the industry told us how to make a qualified product, it's the first step to get the agreement from market side and of course we should provide more advantages to get the support from customers – reasonable cost, controllable delivery and more flexible to cooperate with the demand from customers….. this also became our policy of the company.
Considering the competition in the market we started our first China ShenZhen factory in 2001 and moved to current HuiZhou factory in 2012, our policy is to get the most competitive c... [Details]
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